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Version: V2

Register Essence



Registering an essence can be implemented in just a few easy steps. What registering an essence essentially means is that the user will deploy an NFT contract by calling a couple of APIs.

  1. First, data should be presented to the user in a readable format when signing from the wallet. To do that you’ll need to call the createRegisterEssenceTypedData API that takes care of this.

    If you’re unfamiliar with typed data, you can read more about it here.

Run in Postman:

  1. Second, once you received data in a readable format, you’ll need to get the user’s signature (eth_signTypedData_v4) for it. Basically, you’ll need to write a function and pass it a message as a param and return the signature that it’s necessary for the next step.

  2. Third, you’ll have to call the relay API that will broadcast the transaction and mint the essence NFT.

Run in Postman:


You can now verify the transaction by looking up the txHash from the response on That’s it! You’re all done!

Experiment in Sandbox

We’ve created an example that incorporates all the steps for Register Essence. Feel free to experiment with our code in the sandbox below. This covers a couple of steps

  1. Login with wallet
  2. Register Essence
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